Bespoke Dog Training

Not everyone enjoys a dog training class environment and the pressure that this can place on you and as a result your dog training. This is where bespoke dog training comes into its own.

This type of training allows us to work on an individual basis and tailor the training to you and your specific dog training needs.

Wether that’s a specific issue such as

  • high street walking
  • using public transport with dogs
  • introducing a pushchair
  • or refreshing basic obedience

This allows us to concentrate the dog training to you and your dogs needs.

This may also include helping you with

  • visits to your vet
  • visits to the dog groomer
  • visits to hydrotherapy

Bespoke training may also benefit the more challenging dog behaviours that some dogs display such as nervousness or aggression. Dog training should be fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog. Our dog training is both practical and fun and focuses on your needs and what dog training you need.

Working with The Dog Safety Education Executive allows me to pass on some of my knowledge to other people that may come into contact with dogs. We are able to run workshops in schools or for companies such as Royal Mail. Get in touch to discuss your training requirements or you can email:

Click here to contact us to discuss your requirements

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