Puppy to Novice Classes

Our Puppy to Novice Classes are new for the latter part of 2015 and is already a hit!

Running both puppy and novice classes, we found that there became a stage where dogs were a little to old and advanced for a puppy class but not quite ready to join a novice class which would be a little overwhelming for both dog and handler.

As a result we started a Puppy to Novice Class aimed at introducing skills that will allow the dog to develop enough to be able to join a novice class. This is usually a good class to join if you have an older puppy that hasn’t done any form of Gundog training as a youngster.

We cover

  • Sit or stop whistle
  • Marked retrieves
  • Memory retrieves
  • Introduction of shot
  • Working around other dogs
  • Pulling on a lead
  • Patience training
  • Introduction to steadiness training

If you have an older dog that you’d like to try Gundog training with, then this also makes a good introductory class for you. Looking at new skills and introductions to some of the advanced skills you will have later in your dogs training, this is a fun class to get you going.

If you’d like to try this class then contact James

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