Puppy and older dog training

Puppy and older dog training classes.

Puppy training.

Puppy training starts straight away, from the minute you bring your puppy home. Our dogs are learning all the time so it’s important to teach them what you want from the beginning. Our puppy training classes run every week. The classes last for an hour and have a maximum of 10 dogs.

The emphasis in our classes aim to cover all the basics including:

  • sit
  • stand
  • down
  • recall
  • stay
  • walking nicely on a lead
  • leave
  • puppy retrieving
  • introducing the whistle.

We also discuss nutrition, castration and spaying and also communication between dogs and humans and what we should reasonably expect our puppy to be able to do and cope with. We also cover other issues away from gundog training including but not limited too:

  • biting
  • jumping up
  • toilet training
  • go to bed
  • correct socialisation
  • and any other issues you would like covered.

We talk about what we can do to prevent issues developing and how issues can be dealt with as and if they arrive. Our puppy training classes explore the different stages of development, growing and maturing and dogs different learning stages and what we can expect and hope for as our dogs develop.

The initial puppy course runs for 10 weeks. We utilise several venues, making use of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our main kennel club good citizen scheme puppy foundation classes take place at Benenden Village Hall on Friday evenings.

Contact us for more information.

Older dog training.

Dog training classes aren’t just just for puppy or young dogs. Our classes are suitable for older dogs with either little or no training or perhaps as a refresher course. It’s also suitable for rescue dogs.

These courses also incorporate elements of The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog scheme and you may be open to being tested for the scheme.

If you’d like more information on our dog training classes please click here to contact James to discuss your needs.

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