Dynamic Canine…Therapy for injured dogs

imageMaddi Burchell runs Dynamic Canine. A laser treatment and thermal imaging company based in Ashford, Kent providing a great treatment and rehabilitation service for injured dogs and horses.


Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy has huge benefits to the dog. It can be used not only to help treat existing injuries/issues, but is also performance enhancing. Laser Therapy has the following benefits:

* Totally non – invasive

* Reduces Pain.

* Reduces Inflammation

* Promotes faster tissue repair – especially useful for open wounds

* Encourages quicker healing of soft tissue injuries

* Assists in the healing of ligament & tendon injuries – sprains/strains

* Improves Arthritic conditions

* Acupuncture by LASER

*Aids muscle recovery after strenuous work/exercise

* Proven effective for deep muscle injuries such as : Deep Suspensory, Deep Hamstring & Hip, Cervical issues, Soft tissue along and over the spine, Sacroiliac injuries and lameness

* Helps to prevent scaring and white hairs occurring where an injury has been

The following conditions are being successfully treated using Laser:

* Post-surgery pain, healing & rehab

* Acute & chronic ear infections

*Acute & chronic neck & back pain

* Fractures & Splints

* Neuromuscular disease

There are many more conditions being successfully treated using Laser, but it would be near impossible to list them all! New developments in the success of Laser therapy are being found all the time, so the list will keep growing! If you would like to know more please contact maddi via the dynamic canine website