Dog behaviour and training workshops

Throughout the year we run a variety of different dog behaviour and training workshops and events at a variety of locations around Kent.

These have included:

  • basics, basics, basics
  • canine first aid
  • water training
  • loose lead walking
  • cold game training days
  • charity walks for our chosen charity Medical Detection Dogs.

2015 had several workshops.

  • February- canine first aid presented by Vicky Payne MCRVS
  • April- loose lead walking workshop
  • July- water training day
  • August- loose lead walking workshop
  • September- cold game training day
  • November- walked up training
  • December – walked up training

2016 saw several basics, basics, basics workshops take place.

2017 sees

  • March- First Aid course with Vicky Payne MCRVS
  • March- basics, basics, basics
  • April- handling workshop
  • May- basics, basics, basics
  • October- cold game training day
  • November – basics, basics, basics
  • November- walked up shoot over day
  • December- walked up shoot over day

2018 sees

  • February – basics, basics, basics
  • June – basics, basics, basic
  • June – water training day
  • July – water training day
  • August – water training day
  • August – basics, basics, basics workshop
  • August – jumping workshop
  • September – basics, basics, basics workshop
  • October – jumping workshop
  • October – cold game training ( several dates)
  • October – shoot over days
  • November -shoot over days
  • December – shoot over days

2019 sees

  • water training
  • jumping workshops
  • basics, basics, basics workshops
  • shoot over training days
  • placeboard training

Please contact us for availability.

The dog behaviour and training workshops are tailored to the subject of the day.

Our loose lead workshops are extremely popular and we aim to spend the session teaching to stop pulling on the lead. By the end of the sessions, most if not all of the dogs are showing 100% improvement.

Our water training day was heavily subscribed and always proves a huge success. At a new venue for 2015, our aim is to improve a dogs ability to retrieve not just from water but from the land the further side of the water being used. We look at delivery from water and to move from marked to memory to blind retrieves.

Here is a video of a young handler doing her very first water retrieve with a 6 month old Hungarian Visla….also the dogs first water retrieve

click here for a video of a 6 month old HPR doing her first water retrieve

The cold game days always prove popular and are aimed at novice or inexperienced dogs. Introducing partridge, pheasant and duck covers the main feathered game, we also aim to introduce rabbit, the main fur covered game.

Our walked up training days prove extremely popular with both novice and experienced dogs and handlers alike. We always have 4 superb guns of which two are always our good friends James and Tony from The Shotgun Training Company. It’s always said that guns can make or break a days training and they certainly never fail to support us!

We are also able to arrange bespoke dog behaviour and training workshops tailored to your needs. Maybe you have a group of friends that would enjoy a bespoke day. Contact us for a chat and I’m sure we can arrange suitable training for you.

2017 already has a loose lead workshop and a water training day planned.

If you would be interested in attending one of our dog behaviour and training workshops please click on the link to go to the contact page

Gundog training Kent
Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training and Retriev-R-Trainer

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