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Kate Fassam raising hopes dog behaviour and training
Kate with her dog Hope

Kate Fassam grew up with dogs, always having at least one in the family home, including a large variety of breeds. This is where She credits her love of dogs from. She has a 1 year old working cocker, who she does gundog training with.

Kate loves working her dog and combining basic obedience with more difficult tasks such as retrieving, working her dog on shoots, as well as practicing her obedience and agility. Kate has only recently starting agility training with Hope and has already started to achieve awards. Kate has always had a big interest in obedience, doing the training at home, but decided to start helping others a couple of years ago. She believes all training should be motivational and fun, for both dog and owner. As well as working with James, she also helps local training clubs in the Sussex area.

Kate enjoys teaching a variety of different methods, including clicker training and shaping. She is a great believer of finding the right method for the right dog. She has a real love for training and helping others.

Kate is currently studying with The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, as well as attending different talks and seminars to expand her knowledge. Kate is a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers.

Although based in West Sussex, Kate conducts 121 training in Kent and Sussex and runs her own classes. For more information you can visit Kate’s website at Raising Hopes Dog Behaviour and Training  and follow her on Twitter @raisinghopesdog

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