Siccaro Dog Coats

Our dogs are out everyday of the year, regardless of the weather. Some days it’s working, maybe picking up or training, maybe competing or maybe just having fun in the woods or on the beach.

This time of year means mostly one thing, bad weather be that the cold  or the rain or usually both. So the important thing for us is keeping the dogs warm after exercise. This is especially important when they have to stand around waiting, maybe on a shoot day and then have to work hard and then repeat this scenario. This is typical of picking up. The trouble is the dogs get cold after being warm and this is when injuries can occur. Just the same as humans. Think of sports men and woman that keep warm by adding extra clothing while they’re waiting.

Well this is definitely where a good dog coat comes in to its own. Now, over the years, having trained a variety of dogs for different disciplines, including ability as well as Gundog training, I have tried a variety of different big brand coats, even just down to a good old fashioned towel, but they’ve always remained wet and you have to leave the coats on for a long time or if you towel dry this doesn’t mean they’ll stay warm.

This is definitely where the Siccaro range of dog coats come into the mix. Having only recently found this brand, I was sceptical that it could do what it said….basically, 80% of the water gone in 10-15 minutes? Really…mmm. Well, let me tell you, they’re spot on. Stay about the coats.

Siccaro is based in Denmark. (don’t let this put you off purchasing from them) Their communication is second to none and their customer service is amazing and they’re super helpful. The Siccaro website is very easy to navigate through, there is more information than you could shake a stick at, not forgetting some great videos demonstrating the coats, the fitting of them and customer/user videos with them to help you.

The coats come in two styles, Wetdog and the Wetdog Hunter. In basic terms the number difference is the outer fabric. The wetdog hunter outer is water and dirt resistant which may appeal to you depending on if your dog will be wearing it out. That said, don’t think that you can’t use the wetdog out and about. Also the wetdog hunter comes in 5 sizes and only in camo where as the wetdog comes in several colours including olive, bamboo, elmwood and sand and comes in 7 different sizes, catering for a wide variety of breeds. It’s really important to follow the sizing guide on the website to get the correct fit.

We’ve already been putting the coats to great use during training including water training sessions, picking up and drying off at home once back from a muddy woodland walk. The results have been superb. Elmo did a little test the other day comparing each model of Siccaro against a regular towelling dog coat. The Siccaro was off and done in ten minutes whereas the towelling coats didn’t come of force for just over thirty minutes. Out working, you can now see why the Siccaro coat would benefit between drives, or training.

Siccaro also offer drying gloves, a mat and also a horse blanket.

We hold a variety of sizes, kindly from Siccaro, so you can try the coat on your dog, or if you come training let us know and we will make sure they’re with us.

They’re currently only available direct from their website. Any questions you can email

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