Looking for a new fleece…try the Shooterking Viking Fleece

I was after a new fleece and after expericing ShooterKings Greenland waterproof coat I thought I’d see what fleeces that had to offer.

I spoke with Jason at ShooterKing and he recommended the ShooterKing Viking Fleece. Retailing at £109 plus postage it was on a par to other brands however I knew this would be different.

ShooterKing use cordura for a lot of their products making for an incredibly strong fabric coat. It boasts a wool and polyester mix and also a wind stopper membrane making it incredibly warm. It is relatively waterproof however because of stitching this can’t be guaranteed. However it works well combined with the Greenland.

The ShooterKing Viking Fleece is very smart featuring excellent waterproof style zips all with good zip pulls. The wrists also have black fabric causing a lovely seal to prevent a breeze running up the arm. The hand warmer pockets are excellent and there are chest pockets on the front for storage, one vertical had the other horizontal. The hem of the fleece features toggles either side to tighten the fit when needed.

This is an excellent fleece, warm and comfortable for both in the field use or equally at home on a trip to the pub when more smarter attire is needed.

Also with the customer service available from ShoooterKing what’s not to like or want. You can visit my ShooterKing Clothing page for a link to their website. You won’t regret it.

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