Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training

Welcome to Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training. 

Dog Behaviour and Dog Training in Kent and the surrounding area is our specialty.

Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training is run by James Reavil and Hannah Spearman  and we are based in Cranbrook, Kent. James and Hannah are passionate about dog behaviour, dog training and gundog training and offer a variety of different dog training options to help you including:

  • gundog training for retrievers, spaniels and HPR breeds
  • puppy training
  • one to one training
  • bespoke group training
  • dog behaviour consultations: from puppy home visits through to aggression issues

James is a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer in Kent (to find out more about James click here) offering dog behaviour and training solutions to issues you may be experiencing with your dog. Communication is a hugely important factor when interacting during dog training.

James has worked with a wide variety of different breeds, over many years, with a variety of different issues including:

  • severe dog aggression issues
  • including dog on dog aggression
  • and dog on people aggression
  • phobias including noise related issues such as gun shyness and fireworks
  • separation anxiety
  • environmental issues, such as nervousness outside around people and traffic
  • puppy dog training issues, such as environmental socialisation, puppy biting and toilet training
  • recall or ‘my dog won’t come back when called?’
  • pulling on the lead or heel work

Hannah has been working and training dogs for many years and this passion has led to Hannah in helping and training a variety of gundog breeds. Hannah has a wealth of  practical picking up experience from a variety of shoots within the South East. She is an Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor. We are pleased that Hannah is a brand ambassador for ShooterKing Clothing. Visit our ShooterKing page for more information.

We have a proven track record in Dog Behaviour and Dog Training in the South East. Working with James and Hannah is Jake Clarke. Click here to meet the team.

Is your Dog Insured? If so your insurance may cover our services. Go to Insurance referrals to find out more information.

Whatever your needs, we are sure we can help or point you in the right direction so please get in touch by visiting our contact page


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